Tailor-made creation 

design corse
design corset
design corset
design corset
design corset
design corset
design corset

Tell me how you imagine your much-desired corset.
I will tell you what I can do to make your dream a reality.

Tailor-made process

A unique model for a magnificent person

Once your corset design is chosen, you will need to take several measurements and complete a measurement chart. Be certain of these measurements, I could not be held responsible if your corset does not fit you. It is best to have someone else measure you to reconfirm your measurements.

The price of your corset is then communicated to you as well as a delivery time. From 300€ and between 3 and 10 weeks depending on the corsets. The price cannot be negotiated. But we can always see together to modify your corset in order to lower its budget.

A deposit of 50% of the price of the corset by credit card or check is then requested when the design is validated.
No phase of the creation can begin before having received your payment.

The deposit received, my work can continue.

Depending on the materials I need, it takes time for me to order and receive them. This artisanal creation made to your measurements cannot be rushed. A corset on your measurements requires creating a new pattern adapted to your morphology. My 2 little hands take the necessary time to make your corset perfectly. A test corset is made and put on a mannequin to your measurements. The modifications made, it is time to move on to the final corset.

Final payment is to be made before sending your corset at your home.

Your corset being unique like you, no refund can be made.

I cannot accept any returns due to the unique nature and made to your measurements of the corset. Nevertheless, if your corset does not completely satisfy you, I can continue to work on it.

Some possible design examples 

Corset top shapes:
- Heart, covers the chest 
- Straight, just a little higher than the tips of the nipples

Shapes of the bottom of the corset:
- Pointed
- Round
- Wallet
- Straight

Length of the side of the corset:
- Short (at the waist)
- Mid length (5 cm below the waist)
-Long (10cm below the waist)

Corset Closure Style :
- Back lacing 
- Front lacing
- Back and front lacing
- Back lacing and busc at the front
Additional option for any type of closure:
- A separable zipper invisible on the left side

Number of corset panels:
- Minimum 8 and up to 20


- Your silhouette will be enhanced by a beautiful hourglass shape.

- Your waist will be reduced by 6 cm and your chest and hips by 3 cm . A greater reduction is possible.

- The waistline is reinforced to have a nice curve.

- The corset is made of thick and rigid polyester bones. Other materials may be used, such as steel, depending on the corset style.

- A bias surrounds the corset, to give it an impeccable finish.

- A hand-embroidered or machine-made flossing will be present at each end of the bones. Flossing is decorative and a functional way to finish bones.   This secures them in place and prevents any damage to the fabric.

- A 100% cotton fabric will be used as a lining. This will make your corset comfortable to wear against your skin.

-The fabrics are purchased according to the tastes of the customers. I do not stock them in my atelier. Here are the 4 main fabrics used : faux suede, taffeta, cotton and lace.