How to take your measurements


Use a tape measure, otherwise there is a trick which is to take a piece of string or non-elastic tape instead of the tape measure. Go around his body, and with a pen make a small mark to the right measure. Then lay this string or ribbon flat, and measure up to the mark.
To obtain reliable measurements, it is preferable to measure yourself with just a soft and thin bra on the skin (do not measure with foam or shell cups, because with the added thicknesses they risk falsifying the measurements). And it is important to stand up straight.

1     To take your chest measurement: 
Place the tape measure horizontally and flat on the chest at the level of the tips of the breasts. It should go under the armpits and on the shoulder blades without tightening too much.

2     To take your underbust measurement :
Place your tape measure around your bust, under your chest, without inflating or retracting the rib cage, and especially without tightening too much.

3     To measure your BCD: 
Place your tape measure  at the tip of your breasts, down to your underbust line.

-If your under chest circumference is 80 cm and your chest circumference is 95, you are wearing a 95B.
-If your under chest measurement is 102 cm and your chest measurement is 119, you are wearing 115D.
-If you are between two sizes, take the one above.

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