A beautiful customer

Free, they let themselves be carried by the wind.
Always beautiful and unique whatever the moment.
Whether wild or delicate,
Showy or discreet.
They remain splendid and precious.
These women, just like these flowers, are authentic and mysterious.
In search of treasure they got lost here.
In this enigmatic place, they will find the most beautiful adornments they so desire.

Who is Pivoine d'or ?


Pivoine d'or is a high-end lingerie brand.

A single woman who has been in fashion for more than 10 years has created this brand.

His creations are artisanal and made in France.

It only offers unique models.

Let's not forget that all women are different and have incomparable curves.

  It is therefore essential to be able to wear lingerie that fits our curves comfortably.

Tailor-made is therefore an approach adapted to our needs.

Pivoine d'or offers its customers to create their magnificent sets according to their tastes and morphologies.

Her clients have the privilege of wearing refined lingerie that they are the only ones to own.